Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Current Loves

What a whirlwind!  I've been getting used to my new found freedom of not having homework.  Meanwhile, some things never change but there is lots of news coming down the pike.  Meanwhile, here's what I've been into lately.

Richard Branson's Autobiography: If you want a fun read with lots of insight, this is it.  I picked this up in the Dublin airport because I finished my other book and the title was hilarious.  This book was well worth the money and I'm so happy I read it.  Branson describes how he built the Virgin empire from a magazine he founded in high school.  His personality fills the page and really smacks you in the face with adventure, which you wouldn't expect from a book about business.

Vance Joy and "hipster music": So Pandora and Youtube mixes have led me to what I would have normally called hipster music.  As someone who labels herself a combination of dead-head and prep, I don't normally gravitate towards this stuff.  But I have to say that I have not been able to get Riptide out of my head.  Also, Arctic Monkeys. So good.  I recommend making a Riptide Pandora station.  The amount of acoustic guitar is so relaxing

Popcorn: I'm trying to eat healthier.  My new years resolution was to make small changes in my life to improve my health (let's face it, college students are rarely the pictures of perfect health).  Part of this has been cutting down on junk food.  This is a problem for people with a serious sweet tooth!  I found Smart Pop Kettle Corn popcorn at my grocery store and I am hooked!  They don't put that much butter on the smart pop brand, and the kettle corn flavor is so sweet, but doesn't actually have that much sugar.

Once Upon a Time: I am thoroughly addicted to this show.  As a self proclaimed Disney expert and stand-by Disney princess, this show was made for me.  The second half of season 4 has been strong, and I'm super interested in the whole Maleficent having a kid thing.  If you're not watching Once Upon a Time, crawl out from your rock and hop to it!   

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