Thursday, April 30, 2015

Happy Trees

One of my biggest heros is Bob Ross.  For those of you who don't know who he was, you're missing out.  Bob Ross had a show on PBS for the longest time where he would set up a canvas and paint.  He'd tell you the colors he used, what brushes were best and how to do the strokes.  It was so relaxing to watch!  The biggest thing he ever emphasized was that it doesn't have to be perfect, your painting is your world and there are no mistakes.

Here's an example for you

When I found an opportunity to do a class like this I jumped on it fast.  There's a place in Boston called The Paint Bar which lets you go to a class based on a painting, and an instructor stands at the front and everyone paints the same thing.  Just like Bob Ross!!  I was so excited I was ready to shit myself.

We had THE BEST time!  I was so pumped to live one of my dreams of finally learning how to paint, and I got a wonderful painting of the Back Bay for my mom's birthday.
Getting started!

Kira didn't listen to Bob Ross, she thought she messed it up

Overall I highly recommend taking a class if you can.  I'll be going back next week!

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