Friday, April 24, 2015

Marathon Monday 2015

So not to sound like a complete basic bitch, but I have been blessed to live in Boston over the past 4 years.  While I've been here the Red Sox have won the World Series, the Patriots have won the Superbowl and the Bruins have won the Stanley cup.  Hopefully the Celtics can get their shit together and I can see all the Boston teams win while I'm here.  More important than all these things (in my opinion) is the Boston Marathon.
The marathon was always a ton of fun, the entire city takes the day off for Marathon Monday and it's just a huge party.  My friends and I call it the "healthy person carnival", which is ironic because a lot of the city takes the day to get completely smashed.  The spirit surrounding the marathon has increased tenfold since two years ago (for those of you who don't know, I was there), but all the same it's really a day to celebrate living in Boston.

Every year the weather has been so pleasant, but this year it didn't pull through.  It was sooooo cold!  And raining...  Nonetheless it was so much fun to see the runners accomplish such an amazing thing!

It was so bittersweet being on Boylston Street.  It was my last marathon since I'm leaving in June.  I've been going to the marathon for four years and it's been a great tradition to have.  Being there has made me so proud to live in Boston, and I know I'll really miss it next year,

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