Sunday, April 19, 2015

Maybe back? Maybe goodbye?

I'm finally done!  It's been a crazy time here lately with a lot of emotions running really strong.  Over the past month I've finished ICE (my senior capstone)  completely planned a wedding (what?), and gotten a job offer!
While I was finishing my senior project I thought it was best to limit my internet presence.  Basically I was super cranky and I didn't want to project that in case anyone wanting to hire me was reading my blog.  It hit me how open we are with ourselves on the internet.  This was really surprising because I'm normally a very private person in my day-to-day life.  The idea that posting something in print that could be misconstrued and prevent me from a  job really scares me.  I thought on more than one occasion to close down the website just to not deal with the risk at all.
Then I remembered how much I love writing this and interacting with everyone.  Not to mention helping people get through MIT.  As a hardcore pen and paper user, I'm still getting used to being super connected and open to everyone.  It takes a lot of getting used to!  Especially when you read freaky shit about people using your webcam without you noticing etc.
Ah well...  Maybe here's to a new page of Bottom of the Top: Post ChemE edition, or here's to me deciding the internet is scary and I'm done owning a webpage.
Who knows?

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  1. Hey, good to have you back, assuming you decide to stay!

    Even if you don't write about work and engineering, this has been awfully fun to read.