Sunday, May 31, 2015

Let Me Out!

MIT has been working really hard to have us forget what kind of suck fest our degrees were.  The main part of this is senior week.  Senior week is when the university throws a bunch of free events with free booze right before we graduate.  I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty awesome.  By far the most exciting this we did was Escape the Room.
Escape the Room is exactly like the computer game by the same name, except it's real life.  They lock you in a room (ours was an office) with one hour to tear it apart and find the key to get out.  It was a blast!
We weren't sure how this would go
We were a little sketched out at first, because Escape the Room was located in an apartment building that didn't have an actual sign except a piece of printer paper taped to the door.  We also felt the irony that we were volunteering to basically be kidnapped for an hour.  All in all though, it turned out to be great, and we did manage to get out with 1 minute to spare.

I can't go into much detail about how we got out because they're still running the same setup.  But it involved finding hidden keys, deciphering notes to unlock safes and using a mysterious flip-phone we found in a safe to call for combos.  Seriously, I felt like a spy.
If you're in NYC or Boston I highly recommend trying this!  We did it for free, but it was only $30, which may seem steep, but come on, a movie is like $16.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tough Times on the Hunt

As I've wound down my time at MIT I've felt less of a need to talk about being an engineer or my classes.  When your work isn't slapping you in the face all day and all night you can finally relax and be like "yes I am an engineer, finally!"
However I'm not quite done yet because I'm still looking for a job.  I've been hesitant to post about this because I'm convinced that employers are reading it and it will negatively impact my search.  Enough is enough though and I'm not going to pretend it doesn't worry me or that life after MIT is suddenly magical and easy.  In fact, it's just as scary because it's uncertain.  The past four years have been consistent in that I knew that in the next month I'd still be at MIT living in my dorm.  Now I have less than one month to find a new place to live, find a way to pay for it and begin my "grown up" life/  It's freakin scary man!
I've found myself constantly looking around my room deciding if I'll take stuff with me or sell it.  I just sold almost all my chem e books so I don't have to cart them around anymore (and I'll hopefully buy a new toy for myself, more on that later).  I can't decide when to start packing since classes are done next week and I'll be moving shortly after.
Looking for a job has been one of the most discouraging things I've done yet.  Every night I sit for about three hours and send out about 100 resumes (I'm not exaggerating).  If I'm lucky I'll hear back from 20 of the posts at all, and 99% of the responses have been "thank you for your interest."  I'm optimistic about finding something by the end of the summer, but it does suck not knowing where I'll be next month.
Worst case scenario though is I go back home to my parents and play with the dog for a summer.  It really would be nice to move though.