Thursday, July 30, 2015

Most Worth-while Buys

Following up my last post on sporting gear I've found, I thought I'd go over the most worthwhile investments I've made in terms of gear.  Each item on the list made me pause for a while because of the prices, but in the end I've been so happy about going through with them.  Mainly because of the customer service associated with the brands, but also the sheer amount of time I've had these things last.

Northface Apex Bionic Jacket
Originally From:  Dick's Sporting Goods
Price: $129
Time Owned: 8 years
This black jacket is a classic color that looks good with jeans and boots, but I've also used for trapsing through the woods with my dog.  It keeps the wind out well, and is thin enough to be used as a base-layer skiing.  The Northface even has somewhat of a warranty on it; I've sent mine in to have the zipper replaced and only had to pay shipping.

LL Bean 8" Thinsulate Bean Boots
Originally From:  L.L.Bean Flagship Store in Maine
Price: $139
Time Owned: 4 years
These boots are amazing!  Repeat: amazing!  There's a reason they are the item that represents the iconic brand for years.  I've worn them pretty much non-stop since I bought them.  They were a staple in my winter wardrobe in Boston (paired with wool socks) and make an appearance every hunting season.  L.L. Bean covers the rubber part for a lifetime.  Just drop them off at any location or send them in, they will replace the rubber for free until the leather gives way.  I'm on my second set of rubber, only because the pavement in Boston did me no favors.

Kate Spade Wallet in Gold
Originally From: Kate Spade Outlet
Price: $100- $120
Time Owned: 3 years
Ever since I can remember, I've been in love with Kate Spade's designs.  The first thing I bought when I could afford it was this wallet.  It's held up amazingly over the years and I still get compliments on it often.  The gold works well in any season and seems to be pretty timeless.  While I switch purses almost monthly,  I've never switched out this wallet.

Rayban Aviators
Originally From: Nordstrom
Price: $150
Time Owned: 4 years
They're classic.  You can't go wrong with gold rims/ green lenses.  I wear these everywhere.  I've even sat on them a few times (once I drove home from Boston and didn't even realise I was sitting on them) and they're still holding up.  Classics are classics for a reason.

Calvin Klein Peacoat
Originally From:  Macy's
Price: $300
Time Owned: 6 years
I've had my black peacoat since highschool (yeah, black coats are a thing for me).  It's a cashmere-wool blend which looks amazing, feels expensive and is very warm.  I've worn it out when my Northface was too casual, or when it was too cold for a Barbour jacket.

Barbour Vintage Beadnell Waxed Jacket
Originally From: Barbour Store
Price: $400 with student discount
Time Owned: 2 years
I branched out and got a terracotta coloured coat!  I wore it almost everyday in the fall and spring.  If you keep up with the waxing, it keeps the wind out really well and looks super cute with skinny jeans.  I found I could easily transition it from class to coffee to dinner without looking to casual.  Barbour will rewax the coats if you bring it to one of their locations, but I've never had a problem doing it myself.  The best thing is this jacket is sturdy!  I've worn it through the woods and even hunting.  It stands up to nature well.  It's the most expensive thing on this list, but the most worthwhile.

What have you taken the plunge and bought?  Anything I should add?

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