Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Art of Being Bored

Whoever said patience is a virtue can shove it.  I hate waiting in lines, be it at the doctor, a restaurant or (shudder) the DMV.  The one thing I've tied to do lately is be bored professionally.  You may ask "WTF, Catherine.  How are you bored professionally?"  
Well here it is:  get off the phone.
People my age and younger (and even I guess people older than me) are glued to their iPhones.  I'll admit it, I'm definitely guilty of talking to people while playing Minesweeper or texting.  It's a seriously bad habit.  The way to break it?  Learn how to be bored.
You won't believe the compliments I've gotten lately on how little I look at my phone.  It's a real eye-opener that it's impressive to people that you're not glued to a screen.  Hostesses seem happier to seat me when I'm not finishing up a text before getting up to get to a table.  Doctors are happy to have my full attention.  But best of all, I feel much less childish while waiting.
The main way I've found to stop myself from grabbing my phone is to carry a notebook.  Seriously, that's it.  While waiting for something I'll make lists of things I need to do, plan blogs, even doodle.  Yes to another person, even doodling looks better than staring at your phone.  
It's something small that makes a big difference in how people view you.  
I won't lie, it does suck.  There's a mental art to being comfortable doing nothing.  I think our generation just doesn't know how to handle boredom.  Boredom can be a good thing.  Let your mind take a break and don't constantly over-stimulate yourself.  I guarantee you'll be less stressed.

What do you think?  Should you put your phone down?  Is it just a pet-peeve?

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