Monday, September 21, 2015

whew... well im in the mountains now

Omg what a month....  Right after our wedding Doug and I left Syracuse for Idaho Falls.  What a culture shock!  On top of that, I just started my job at the National Lab.  We just signed a lease on a house and are finally getting settled.  Despite all this motivation, there's still a lot of uncertainty in our lives.  It's so stressful.
Doug is working for a startup and each week we're not sure if he'll have a job the next and if the company will fold.  I've been a glorified lab-tech and my new job, running chem experiments for the group.
On the upside we have our own house, and it has a dishwasher!  I've found joy in not doing dished by hand.  I can't say how long it'll last though.  How long will we stay here?  Will we go back to Boston?  How will we fill our time out here in the boonies?  A lot of questions, but for now I think we'll enjoy the fresh air here and be happy we're not spending the same amount on rent for a 1 bedroom in Somerville.
As for Bottom of the Top... I'm still trying to figure it out.  Since I'm not at MIT anymore it doesn't seem to fit, but I do enjoy this so much.  I just don't want to end up having the blog be weird.  I love the College Prepster, but she's like 30 running a college blog....
I've always tried to be open about self-doubt and sadness, so I think this is still important to have, especially as a new grad.  For now though I'll try to get a schedule going.  I need to show you all the house!  It's crazy here. Also Idaho is hilarious.

For now at least, I'm back and settled :)

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