Monday, November 23, 2015

Current Loves

Not gonna lie, I've been kinda depressed about moving to Idaho.  I've been super freaked out about posting on the blog because my boss mentioned he's seen my blog and calls me his bargain engineer because my catch line is "MITs dumbest smarty".  I'm freakin out a bit.  I really love writing this, but I've been so scared to blur the line between my professional and personal and public lives.  It's weird not to be a student and kind of get a pass if people older than me think I'm weird.
It's weird to be considered a peer to people who are the same age as my parents...
Well I love blogging, so to get back into social media I'll let you know what I've been into lately.

New Girl ||  I have been binge watching New Girl.  At first I couldn't get over how awkward Zooey Deschanel is, but it's so fun!  Since moving to Idaho my nights have been a little calmer.  It's nice to have something mindless to watch.

Warby Parker Glasses || I'm thinking it's time for a change, and new glasses are just the thing.  I'm in love with Warby Parker's Daisy frames.

Couscous ||  So I found out I don't get paid for lunch.... That sucks....  Couscous is really fast to make (only 3min!) and is amazing with spinach and anything else you feel like adding.  It's really been saving my lunches.

Fair Isle Sweaters || lt's so cold in my office.  I don't know if it's because the government is too cheap to heat my lab or because men don't min the cold as much as women, but these fair isle sweaters have been saving my life.  They're chic and so warm.  Perfect for my office/lab.

So that's been my life lately..... Not much going on in Idaho....
Keep in touch!  Being an adult is exciting....