Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Shady's Back

What? Hello!  Boy has it been a long year!  I shut this site down almost a year ago while I was struggling getting my life together.  I realize now I went at life a little too fast and had a hard time coping.
More on that later.

In big news, I'm back in Boston!  I missed it so much and I missed my old life that we packed up a couple months ago and headed east.  Doug and I are happily living in Cambridge again, only this time with money.  After getting settled, I started to feel like something was missing; my blog.  Luckily I kept the posts for a rainy day, but the template was lost.  So, sorry the blog looks like crap and sorry I'm not a student anymore haha

Look forward to new adventures in Beantown and my life post-MIT.

<3 Catherine

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